• R01-2

    State Matching Gifts

  • R01-3

    Marc Adler Recognition

  • R01-4 

    Recognition of Employees in Military Service After 9/11/01

  • R02-5 

    Proposed Amendments to Constitution of State of Florida

  • R03-6 

    John H. Dasburg Recognition

  • R03-7 

    Nicole H. Fried Recognition

  • R03-8 

    Jean A. Larson Recognition

  • R03-9 

    Voluntary Recognition of UFF as Collective Bargaining Representative for a Graduate Assistant Bargaining Unit at the University of Florida

  • R03-10 

    Louise H. Courtelis Recognition

  • R03-11 

    Authorize Insurance of Bonds by the University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

  • R03-12 

    President Young Recognition

  • R03-13 

    Manuel A. "Manny" Fernandez Recognition

  • R03-14 

    Shared Governance

  • R04-15 

    Marshall Criser Recognition

  • R03-16 

    President Machen Delegation

  • R04-17 

    Kyle Jones Recognition

  • R04-18 

    Anthony Brennan Recognition

  • R04-19 

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R04-20 

    Support for the Florida LambdaRail

  • R04-21 

    University of Florida Depositories

  • R05-22 

    Jamal Sowell Recognition

  • R05-23 

    Pierre Ramond Recognition

  • R05-24 

    Albert Thweatt Recognition

  • R05-25 

    Issuance of UAA Bonds

  • R05-26 

    Exclusion of Certain Trustees or Officers

  • R06-27 

    Harn Museum

  • R06-29 

    Joe Goldberg Recognition

  • R06-30 

    Kim Tanzer Recognition

  • R06-31 

    Academic Enhancement Program

  • R06-32 

    Exclusion of Certain Trustees or Officers

  • R07-33 

    Danaya Wright Recognition

  • R07-34 

    John Boyle Recognition

  • R07-35 

    Approving Issuance of Bonds in a Principal Amount Not to Exceed $23,000,000

  • R07-36 

    Resolution in Support of Provisions of the Pappas Report

  • R07-38 

    Basketball Resolution

  • R07-39 

    Football Resolution

  • R07-40 

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R07-41 

    President Machen Employment

  • R08-42 

    Richard A. Yost Recognition

  • R08-43 

    Ryan J. Moseley Recognition

  • R08-44 

    Amendment to Presidential Authorization Resolution R07-37

  • R08-45 

    Technology Transfer Program

  • R08-46 

    C. David Brown Resolution

  • R08-47 

    Budget Reduction Plan Resolution

  • R08-48 

    Faculty Security Clearance

  • R08-49 

    East Campus Building

  • R09-50 

    Shands Restructuring

  • R09-51 

    Approve the Presidential Evaluation Process and Compensation

  • R09-52 

    Kevin F. Reilly Recognition

  • R09-53 

    Frank J. Bova Recognition

  • R09-54 

    Certification of Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc. as a Direct Support-Organization

  • R09-55 

    Approval of Updates and Amendments to Internal Operating Memorandum 01-1 (UF Oversight of Affiliated Entities)

  • R09-56 

    Resolution for Approval of the University's Fiscal 2010 Budget Reduction Plan and Associated Actions

  • R09-57 

    Election of Chair and Vice Chair

  • R09-58 

    Authorization of the University President to Approve and File Application for Federal Tax Exemption and Other Documents for Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Inc.

  • R09-59 

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R09-60 

    Designation of Senior Management Official for Classified Information

  • R09-61 

    Approval of Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc.

  • R09-62 

    Designation of Senior Management Group for Classified Information

  • R09-63 

    Amendment of Employment Agreement for J. Bernard Machen

  • R09-64 

    Collective Bargaining Impasse

  • R09-65 

    Earl W. Powell Recognition

  • R09-66 

    Roland C. Daniels Recognition

  • R09-67 

    Joelen K. Merkel Recognition

  • R09-68 

    J. Courtney Cunningham Recognition

  • R10-69 

    University of Florida Depositories

  • R10-70 

    John J. "Jack" Mecholsky Recognition

  • R10-71 

    Jordan Johnson Recognition

  • R10-72 

    Timing Adjustment of Sabbatical Payment Earned January 1, 2009

  • R10-73 

    Vice President and Chief Information Officer

  • R10-74 

    Certification of UF Historic St. Augustine, Inc. as a Direct Support Organization

  • R10-75 

    Designation of Senior Management Group for Classified Information

  • R10-77 

    Requesting the Issuance of Bonds to Partially Finance the Construction of a Clinical Translational Research Building

  • R11-78 

    Certification of University of Florida Development Corporation as a Direct-Support Organization

  • R11-79 

    Vice President for Enrollment Management

  • R11-80 

    Approval of Updates and Amendments to Internal Operating Memorandum 01-1 (UF Oversight of Affiliated Entities)

  • R11-81 

    Ashton E. Charles Recognition

  • R11-82 

    Mary Ann T. Ferguson Recognition

  • R11-83 

    Cynthia F. O'Connell Recognition

  • R11-84 

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R11-85 

    Approving Issuance of Bonds not to Exceed $15,000,000-UAA

  • R11-86 

    Election of Chair and Vice Chair

  • R11-87 

    Dianna Morgan Recognition

  • R11-88 

    S. Daniel Ponce Recognition

  • R11-89 

    Vice President Organization

  • R11-90 

    Full Sail Collaboration

  • R11-91 

    Citibank as Depository for UF Funds

  • R11-92 

    UF Housing Renovation

  • R11-93 

    Leave Regulation (1.201)

  • R11-94 

    President's Contract Extension

  • R11-95 

    Ben Meyers Recognition

  • R12-96 

    Reitz Union Bond Authorization

  • R12-97 

    Anthony E. Reynolds Recognition

  • R12-98 

    Scott Nygren Recognition

  • R12-99 

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R12-100 

    Approval of Subsidiaries of Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc. and Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, Inc.

  • R12-101 

    Elections to Address Mid-Term Vacancy in Board Chair

  • R12-102 

    Budget Reduction Plan and Associated Actions-Fiscal 2013

  • R12-103 

    University of Florida Depositories

  • R12-104 

    Creation of Subsidiary of Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc.

  • R12-105 

    Carlos J. Alfonso Recognition

  • R12-106 

    Establishment of Strategic Initiatives Committee

  • R12-107 

    Establishment of Presidential Search Committee

  • R12-108 

    Naming: The Austin Cary Forest

  • R12-109 

    Certification of GatorCare Health Management Corporation as a Direct Support Organization

  • R12-110 

    Approval of Amendment to Internal Operating Memorandum 01-1 (UF Oversight of Affiliated Entities)

  • R12-112 

    Amendments to UF/PBA Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • R13-113 

    Alfred C. "Al" Warrington Recognition

  • R13-114 

    Jose Antonio “TJ” Villamil Recognition

  • R13-115 

    Alan Levine Recognition

  • R13-116 

    Cheri W. Brodeur Recognition

  • R13-118 (PDF, 571 kB)

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R13-119 (PDF, 57 kB)

    W. Michael Heekin Recognition

  • R13-120 (PDF, 266 kB)

    Naming: “Green Pond” to “Liberty Pond”

  • R13-121 (PDF, 370 kB)

    President’s Contract Extension

  • R13-122 (PDF, 11 MB)

    Student Housing Bond Authorization

  • R13-123 (PDF, 476 kB)

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R13-124 (PDF, 224 kB)

    Naming: The Dasburg President's House

  • R13-125 (PDF, 458 kB)

    University of Florida Depositories

  • R13-126 (PDF, 258 kB)

    Mid-Term Vacancy in Board Vice Chair

  • R14-127 (PDF, 58 kB)

    Marshall M. Criser, III Recognition

  • R14-128 (PDF, 329 kB)

    Christina A. Bonarrigo Recognition

  • R14-129 (PDF, 13 kB)

    Marc C. Heft Recognition

  • R14-130 (PDF, 200 kB)

    Establishment of Presidential Search Committee

  • R14-131 (PDF, 210 kB)

    Election of Chair and Vice Chair

  • R14-132 (PDF, 28 kB)

    Vice President Organization-University Secretary

  • R14-133 (PDF, 470 kB)

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R14-134 (PDF, 47 kB)

    Jamal A. Sowell Recognition

  • R14-135 (PDF, 48 kB)

    Matthew M. Fajack Recognition

  • R14-136 (PDF, 52 kB)

    Winfred M. Phillips Recognition

  • R14-137 (PDF, 518 kB)

    University of Florida Depositories

  • R14-138 (PDF, 468 kB)

    Facility Security Clearance

  • R14-139 (PDF, 265 kB)

    Naming: Thomas J. Walker Conservation Area

  • R14-140 (PDF, 1,021 kB)
    ‌Selection of the 12th President of the University of Florida
  • R14-141 (PDF, 251 kB)
    Naming: Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies
  • R14-142 (PDF, 578 kB)
    J. Bernard Machen and Chris Machen Recognition
  • R14-143 (PDF, 371 kB)
    J. Bernard Machen Post-Presidency
  • R15-144
    University Athletic Association, Inc. Bond
  • R15-145 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R15-146 
    Jose Antonio "TJ" Villamil Recognition
  • R15-147 
    C. David Brown, II Recognition
  • R15-148 
    Juliet M. Roulhac Recognition
  • R15-149 
    Naming: Lee Chira Family Heisman Plaza
  • R15-150 
    Pradeep Kumar Recognition
  • R15-151 
    Carolyn Roberts Recognition
  • R15-153 
    Facility Security Clearance

  • R15-154  
    University of Florida Depositories

  • R15-155 
    Naming: University House

  • R15-156
    Collective Bargaining Impasse Process
  • R15-157 
    Naming: Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering and Herbert Wertheim Engineering Building
  • R15-158 
    Chair and Vice Chair Election
  • R15-159 
    Naming: Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Field and Fork Pantry
  • R15-160 
    Naming: Rex and Preston Farrior Hall

  • R16-162 
    Cattle Enhancement Board
  • R16-163 
    Charles B. Edwards Recognition

  • R16-164 (PDF, 542 KB)
    Joselin Padron-Rasines Recognition

  • R16-165 
    Naming: Herbert Wertheim Laboratory for Engineering Excellence

  • R16-166 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R16-168 
    Rebecca J. Holt Recognition
  • R16-170 
    Paul W. Davenport Recognition
  • R16-171 (PDF, 505 KB)
    Paula V. Fussell Recognition
  • R16-172 
    Susan M. Cameron Recognition
  • R16-173 
    Christopher T. Corr Recognition
  • R16-175 
    Naming: Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center
  • R16-176 (PDF, 286 KB)
    Naming: Steve Spurrier - Florida Field

  • R16-177 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R16-178 
    Naming: Joseph Hernandez Hall
  • R16-179  
    Election of Chair and Vice Chair
  • R16-180 
    David E. Kratzer Recognition
  • R16-181 
    University of Florida Depositories
  • R16-182 
    Jeremy N. Foley Recognition
  • R16-183 
    Depository Payment Signatory Authority
  • R16-184 
    Parking Services Bond Issuance
  • R17-185 
    Nicole L. Stedman Recognition
  • R17-186 
    Susan D.C. Webster Recognition
  • R17-187
    Naming: Bob Brockman Gateway
  • R17-188 
    Naming: Earl and Christy Powell University House
  • R17-189
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R17-191 
    Investment in the University of Florida's Future
  • R17-192 
    Naming: Fixel Center for Neurological Diseases

  • R18-193 
    Facility Security Clearance

  • R18-194 
    UAA Bond Issuance

  • R18-195  
    Naming: Lohman Apiculture Center

  • R18-196 
    Naming: Condron Family Sea Turtle Research Center and Hospital

  • R18-197 
    Naming: Thompson Center for Earth Systems

  • R18-198 
    Jane A. Adams Recognition

  • R18-199 
    W. Smith Meyers Recognition

  • R18-200
    David M. Quillen Recognition

  • R18-201 
    Steven M. Scott Recognition

  • R18-202 
    Election of Chair and Vice Chair

  • R18-203
    Depository Payment Signatory Authority

  • R18-204 
    David M. Thomas Recognition

  • R18-205 
    Facility Security Clearance

  • R18-206 
    Establishment and Renaming of Committees
  • R18-207 
    Naming: Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases
  • R18-208 
    Florida Cicerone 50th Anniversary
  • R19-209 
    Authorization to Establish Material and Supply Fees and Equipment Use Fees

  • R19-210 (PDF 17 KB)
    Ian M. Green Recognition

  • R19-211 
    Katie Vogel Anderson Recognition
  • R19-212 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R19-213 
    Naming: Kathy and Tom Shannon Family Concourse

  • R19-214 
    Naming: Gator Band Alumni Association Pavilion
  • R19-215 
    Naming: Kincart Family Garden

  • R19-216 
    Naming: Adam Michael Rosen Neuromedicine Clinic
  • R19-217 
    Naming: Gary Condron Family Indoor Practice Facility
  • R19-218 
    Naming: Provided in Honor of Alison Folds
  • R19-219 
    Naming: Ultima Morgan and John Morgan Courtroom
  • R19-220 
    Naming: Philip A Stansly Graduate Student Dormitory
  • R19-221 
    Naming: Sam Tripson Memorial Porch
  • R19-222 
    Naming: Jason Beaird Memorial Bullpen
  • R19-223 
    Naming: James W. "Bill" Heavener Football Training Center
  • R19-224 
    Naming: Malachowsky Data Science & Information Building
  • R19-225 
    Naming: Billy Donovan Court
  • R20-226 
    Naming: Ann Marie Rogers Swimming and Diving Pool
  • R20-227 
    Naming: Sams-LeFils Round Pens
  • R20-228 
    Naming: Thomas C. Emmel Research Building
  • R20-229  
    Naming: Hooks Family Dugout
  • R20-230 
    Naming: The National Championship Display Courtesy of Mica and Mike Rywant
  • R20-231 
    Naming: Eugene F. Brigham Finance Insurance and Real Estate Department
  • R20-232 
    Depository Payment Signatory Authority
  • R20-233 
    Election of Chair and Vice Chair
  • R20-234 
    Naming: Alfred McKethan Field
  • R20-235 
    Naming: Darren O'Day Bullpen
  • R20-236 
    Naming: Strems Gator Deck
  • R20-237 
    Naming: National Championship Display Courtesy of the Gator Dugout Club
  • R20-238 
    Naming:  LaFace Family Student-Athlete Lounge
  • R20-239 
    Naming: Todd Prosser Sandy Burnett Family Berm
  • R20-240 
    Michael C. Murphy Recognition
  • R20-241 
    Ray G. Thomas Recognition
  • R20-242  
    Jack Payne Recognition
  • R20-243 
    Mike McKee Recognition
  • R20-244 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R20-245 
    Naming: Mendenhall Family Camellia Walk
  • R20-246 
    Naming: Dizney Grove at the Florida Ballpark
  • R20-247 
    Naming: Pace E. Taylor Pavilion
  • R20-248 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R20-249
    Depository Payment Signatory Authority
  • R20-250 (PDF 29 KB)
    Naming: Joanne W. Gauntt Foundation Small Animal Hospital Atrium
  • R20-251
    Robert G. Stern Service Recognition
  • R20-252
    UAA Capital Bond Project
  • R20-253
    Naming: DeLuca Preserve
  • R20-254 
    Naming:  Archer Aviation eVTOl Lab
  • R20-255
    Naming:  Ronald Young Family Berm
  • R20-256 
    Naming:  Henry and Nell Davis Pavilion
  • R20-257 
    Naming:  Ken and Linda McGurn Exhibition Hall
  • R20-258
    Housing Rental Rates FY2021-22
  • R21-261 
    Trevor J. Pope Recognition
  • R21-262
    Sylvain Doré Recognition
  • R21-263 
    Zina Evans Recognition
  • R21-264 
    Antonio Farias Recognition
  • R21-265 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R21-266 
    Residence Hall Bond
  • R21-267 
    Amendment to P.K. Yonge Development School Phase Two
  • R21-268 
    Use of Carryforward Funds
  • R21-269 
    Michael Lauzardo Recognition
  • R21-270
    Naming: Gary R. Libby University Gallery
  • R21-271 
    Naming: John W. & Peggy B. Kirkpatrick Courtyard
  • R21-272  
    Warrington Posthumous Resolution
  • R21-273 
    Naming: Shade Courtesy of Tom & Kathy Shannon Family
  • R21-274 
    Naming: Norman Fixel Institute Campus
  • R21-275 
    Naming: Hugh Hathcock Suite Tower at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium et. al.
  • R21-276
    Naming: Judy Hathcock Family Cove at the Heavener Football Training Center
  • R21-277 
    Naming: James E. Horner Hitting Facility at Florida Ballpark
  • R21-278 
    David Bloom Recognition
  • R21-279 
    Cooper L. Brown Recognition
  • R21-280 
    Nancy Paton Recognition
  • R21-281 
    Linda Hayes Recognition
  • R22-278  
    Naming: Gary Condron Ballpark
  • R22-279  
    Naming: Walton Family Lawn Plaza
  • R22-284 
    Naming: Ada Rosenson Dorfeld Courtyard
  • R22-285 
    Dr. Winifred "Win" Phillips Recognition
  • R22-286 
    Naming: Dr. Pauline Lawrence Student Residence
  • R22-287 
    Naming: Pete "Hutch" Brock Hall
  • R22-288 
    Naming: New Residential Complex
  • R22-289 
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R22-290 
    Naming: Walter Beinecke, Jr. Center for the Preservation of Nantucket at Shelburne Hall
  • R22-291 
    Naming: Gator Dugout Club Concession Stand
  • R22-292 
    Naming: Bruno and Maritza Ramos Hall
  • R22-293 
    Naming: Scott Family Chemistry Building
  • R22-294 
    Naming: Herbert Wertheim UF Scripps Institute for Biomedical Innovation and Research
  • R22-295
    Naming: B.J. & Eve Wilder Therapeutic Horticulture Garden at Wilmot Gardens
  • R22-296
    President W. Kent Fuchs Recognition
  • R22-297
    Thomas G. Kuntz Recognition
  • R22-298
    Naming: David A. Cofrin, M.D., and Mary Ann Harn Cofrin Terrace at UF Health Cancer Hospital
  • R22-299
    Naming: Bud Shorstein Center for Jewish Studies at College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • R23-298
    Provost Joseph Glover Recognition
  • R23-299
    Chris Cowen Recognition
  • R23-300
    Lauren Lemasters Recognition
  • R23-301
    Facility Security Clearance
  • R23-302
    Amanda Phalin Recognition
  • R23-303
    Naming: Charles S. Buster and John C. DeMott Greenhouse at the UF/IFAS TREC
  • R23-304
    Naming: Paul and Susan Robell Asian Water Garden Bridge at the Harn Museum
  • R23-305
    Curtis Reynolds Recognition
  • R24-306
    Naming: Tyler "Tyce" Hall Trail at the Austin Cary Forest
  • R24-307
    Naming: W.W. Glenn Teaching Building
  • R24-308
    Olivia Green Recognition
  • R24-309
    Facility Security Clearance