The University of Florida is extremely grateful for the service of its former Trustees.


Date Name Appointment
2001-2012 Carlos Alfonso * Governor
2001-2002 Mark Adler Student Body President
2001-2002 Richard Briggs Faculty Senate Chair
2001-2003 Louise Courtelis ** Governor
2001-2003 Marshall Criser* ** Board of Governors
2001-2011 Roland Daniels ** Governor
2001-2003 John Dasburg ** Governor
2001-2008 Manny Fernandez * ** Governor
2001-2011 Mac McGriff * ** Board of Governors
2001-2010 Joelen Merkel ** Board of Governors
2001-2011 Dianna Morgan * ** Governor
2001-2011 Cindy O’Connell ** Board of Governors
2001-2005 Albert Thweatt ** Board of Governors
2001-2013 Al Warrington ** Board of Governors
2002-2003 Nicole Fried Student Body President
2002-2003 Jean Larson Faculty Senate Chair
2003-2004 Anthony Brennan Faculty Senate Chair
2003-2004 Kyle Jones Student Body President
2003-2010 Earl Powell Governor
2004-2008 2010-2015 C. David Brown * Governor
2004-2005 Pierre Ramond Faculty Senate Chair
2004-2005 Jamal Sowell Student Body President
2005-2010 J. Courtney Cunningham Board of Governors
2005-2006 Joe Goldberg Student Body President
2005-2006 Kim Tanzer Faculty Senate Chair
2006-2007 John Boyles Student Body President
2006-2007 Danaya Wright Faculty Senate Chair
2007-2008 Ryan Moseley Student Body President
2007-2008 Rick Yost Faculty Senate Chair
2008-2009 Frank Bova Faculty Senate Chair
2008-2011 Daniel Ponce Governor
2008-2009 Kevin Reilly Student Body President
2008-2018 Steven M. Scott * Governor
2009-2010 Jordan Johnson Student Body President
2009-2010 John J. “Jack” Mecholsky Faculty Senate Chair
2010-2011 Ashton E. Charles Student Body President
2010-2013 Marshall Criser III Board of Governors
2010-2011 Mary Ann Ferguson Faculty Senate Chair
2011-2016 Susan Cameron Board of Governors
2011-2016 Charlie Edwards Board of Governors
2011-2013 Michael Heekin Governor
2011-2013 Alan Levine Governor
2011 Ben Meyers Student Body President
2011-2012 Scott Nygren Faculty Senate Chair
2011-2012 Anthony Reynolds Student Body President
2011-2015 Carolyn K. Roberts Board of Governors
2011-2015 Juliet Roulhac Governor
2012-2013 Cheri Brodeur Faculty Senate Chair
2012-2016 Chris Corr Governor
2012-2013 TJ Villamil Student Body President
2013-2014 Christina Bonarrigo Student Body President
2013-2014 Marc Heft Faculty Senate Chair
2013-2018 David M. Thomas Board of Governors
2014-2015 Pradeep Kumar Faculty Senate Chair
2014-2015 Cory Yeffet Student Body President
2015-2016 Paul Davenport Faculty Senate Chair
2015-2016 Joselin Padron-Rasines Student Body President
2016-2017 Nicole LP Stedman Faculty Senate Chair
2016-2017 Susan D.C. Webster Student Body President
2017-2018 W. Smith Meyers Student Body President
2017-2018 David M. Quillen Faculty Senate Chair
2018-2019 Ian M. Green Student Body President
2018-2019 Katherine Vogel Anderson Faculty Senate Chair 
2019-2020 Michael C. Murphy Student Body President
2019-2020 Ray G. Thomas Faculty Senate Chair
2015-2020 Robert G. Stern  Governor
2016-2021 Leonard H. Johnson Board of Governors
2013-2021 Jason J. Rosenberg Governor
2020-2021 Trevor J. Pope Student Body President
2020-2021 Sylvain Doré Faculty Senate Chair
2021-2022 Cooper L. Brown Student Body President
2021-2022 David C. Bloom Faculty Senate Chair
2018-2022 Thomas G. Kuntz Governor
2022-2023 Lauren D. Lemasters Student Body President
2022-2023 Amanda J. Phalin Faculty Senate Chair

* Served as Chair

** Inaugural Board Appointments