The Finance and Facilities Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board policies affecting the financial affairs of the University. It shall review and consider the annual budget and requests for appropriation of funds for the University. It shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board policies affecting physical plant and real property. It shall make recommendations to the Board on these and other matters referred to it by the Board. It shall make reports to the Board.

The Committee’s responsibilities shall include:

  • Receiving, reviewing and approving the University’s budgets;
  • Reviewing policies regarding federal and state grants and private funding of research, teaching and service;
  • Evaluating on a continuing basis the financial needs of the University and making recommendations on how best to obtain resources for those needs;
  • Receiving and reviewing periodic operating statements of the University;
  • Considering and recommending proposals with respect to general business and financial issues and approving the issuance of debt instruments of the University and Affiliated Organizations;
  • Receiving and reviewing capital projects and other major expenditures not included in the annual budget;
  • Reviewing proposed additions of and accepting new facilities, and reviewing proposed additions and renovations of existing facilities, to include facilities of the University and Affiliated Organizations;
  • Reviewing annually the Capital Improvement Program list for funding by the Legislature, including the PECO list, and the Capital Improvement Program for all other projects;
  • Recommending appropriate action with regard to the acquisition and disposition of real property;
  • Seeking qualification for Courtelis Matching Funds or private contributions where available;
  • Recommending the naming of facilities;
  • Reviewing and approving the Campus Master Plan.

Committee members:

  • Rahul Patel, Chair
  • David L. Brandon
  • Mori Hosseini
  • Leonard H. Johnson
  • Jason J. Rosenberg
  • Anita G. Zucker

University staff liaisons:

  • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President for Business Affairs